Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home schooling and volunteer

I am trilled to death. Last night I attended an Events and Activities Information Fair for the Hays Area Christian Homeschoolers. What an honor this was. I never knew homeschooling was so exciting and had such a vast network of programming and activities. I want to thank the Hays Area Christian Homeschoolers for allowing me to be apart of this.

I presented information regarding volunteering oppertunities with Meals on Wheels in the Kyle area and WOW what a response. I had almost twenty people sign up for more information stating, that this may very well be of interest to them and their children. What a fabulous way to be an example for our children in living out our faith in the act of compassion and giving.

Delivering meals for Meals on Wheels is the most adaptable volunteer opportunity in the Kyle area. Are you available over a lunch hour, Monday through Friday? Do you have an hour a week or just an hour a month? We can accommodate your desire to volunteer with the flexibility of our schedule.

Check it out...please call Shelley 405-3922 or go to the VFW on Front Street in Kyle before 11:00 am on a Monday thru Friday and talk with Delia and see what really goes on.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

In the beginning and now!


Meals on Wheels came to Kyle 40 years ago. The Kyle folks we served in 1968 are probably no longer with us, but the legacy of this service is remembered by families who almost daily tell us about their homebound family members being served meals. Some elderly residents tell us they served as a volunteers and as they aged, they became users of the service.

5,700 hot meals were delivered to Kyle area residents by volunteer Meals on Wheels drivers last year. Another 1,300 hot meals were served to persons over 60 years of age who come to our Meals on Wheels Congregate Meal site at 103 S. Front St. (formerly Kyle Police Department).

The volunteers use their own time and resources to deliver this valuable service to the homebound elderly in the Kyle area. The drivers are your friends and neighbors.

As summer approaches some of these dedicated volunteer drivers will be taking time off for vacations and family events. They deserve to take a break because they are so dedicated to seeing that the elderly of Kyle receive a hot meal, a few kind words and even a hug now and then. In many instances the person who delivers the meals may be the only human contact the elderly person has that day.

As more elderly Kyle residents request meal delivery, our need for drivers increases. During the past year, as requests were made for more meals, we split the route, reducing the time it takes to deliver meals to under one hour, since some people who work deliver meals on their lunch hour.

Meals on Wheels are not an option; these meals sustain life and we are honored to provide this service to the most fragile Kyle area residents. We hope never to skip a day of delivery or to turn away a single elderly person. There are no income guidelines for this service. Our volunteers have provided a great service in keeping the elderly nourished and able to live in their own homes, independently and with dignity.

We need your help to accomplish this.

If you can deliver meals one day a month or one day a week, we can use you. You can train with our volunteers to learn the routes and the delivery routine. If you cannot deliver, donations are needed to keep this service available. 2,600 hot meals are delivered to 18 Central Texas cities/towns each week. Gasoline prices have caused a huge increase in food and delivery costs.

We are thankful to live in a wonderful city that recognizes need, donates monetarily and provides space for Meals on Wheels, as the City of Kyle has done for many years.

For more information, call Adell Hurst, Volunteer Administrative Coordinator

@ 268-1631 or 618-1631.

To volunteer, call Shelley Pulliam, Volunteer Driver Coordinator at 405-3922 .

To apply for meals, call Delia Bernal, Site Manager, (512) 431-9150 between 9am & 12:30pm, Monday through Friday.

To donate to Meals on Wheels, send your tax deductible gifts to: Combined Community Action, Senior Nutrition Program, 165 W. Austin St., Giddings, TX 78942